Lady Magdala


Speciale uitgave 2021

Fine Art Pint 30 x 30

gelamineerde coating op dibond

Massief houten baklijst zwart

Gesigneerd en genummerd met certificaat

Levering aan huis binnen 10 dagen

slechts 10 beschikbaar

Bestellen mogelijk tot 28 november

totale oplage Lady Magdala 16



Unieke 2021 uitgave voor de feestmaanden.

Once upon a time a woman lived in Magdala, a small town on the lake.

Her life was full of personal tragedy, she lost her most beloved one and was a refugee on a boat to Europe.

Her story is the inspiration for writers and artists throughout the ages, Only mystics and artists seem sensitive 

to the bouquet of lust and devotion that surrounds her. One century she was a disgrace and the next a saint until today.

The past is like the present 

the tragedy of life is that history always repeats itself

did she only live a long time ago or is she a symbol of women of all times