The journey to Wanderland

In the beautiful process of birthing a new book, a captivating series unfolds, where I reveal the stories behind the photographic images. With this ambitious project in mind, I realize that it will span several years, an adventure that will transcend time. The pages will be infused with emotion and enchanting visuals as I take the reader on a journey through my creative mind. This book will be an ode to the power of storytelling and the timeless magic of photography. It will be an immersive expedition filled with wonder and discovery, bringing the soul of the images to life. This is a project where the boundaries of my imagination will be pushed, aiming to inspire others to tell their own tales. It is a venture that fills my heart with excitement and curiosity, and I cannot wait to share this masterpiece with the world..


Do you believe in human beings?

As a mythical creature, a unicorn does not have beliefs or opinions like humans do. Unicorns are fictional creatures often depicted as majestic, horse-like creatures with a single horn on their forehead. In folklore and mythology, unicorns are often associated with purity, grace, and magic. Their existence is not based on factual evidence, but rather on legends, stories, and imagination.

Love tales, the waiting

wanderland 2021 - 20..

I always wondered what it is like to wander

In Wanderland, I embark on a personal journey through diverse worlds. What primarily captivates me is humanity and its customs. We have come to consider everything as normal, yet everything is truly remarkable. I am amazed that no one seems to question where we come from and what our ancient history holds. Like a mirror, I translate what preoccupies me, utilizing recognizable characters and animals.

In Wanderland, I encounter vivid personas that represent different aspects of our complex society. The wise turtle reminds us of the slowness of progress and the importance of patience. The curious fox symbolizes the thirst for knowledge and the ability to learn from the past. The graceful butterfly teaches us to change and grow, embodying the power of transformation.

As I delve into the wonders of Wanderland, I uncover the beauty and mystery of our own world. It is as if I am leafing through history, a tale that has been told for centuries. I feel challenged to no longer take everything for granted, but instead to marvel at the treasures that have remained hidden from sight.

So, I invite you to join me on this enchanting journey. Let us reexamine the habits and norms we consider commonplace in a new light. Let us ponder where we come from, what our ancient history entails, and how it has shaped us into who we are today. Let us embrace the magic of Wanderland and open our eyes to the extraordinary wonders concealed within the ordinary.



In life’s delicate balance, the toxicity of sprayed harvests and the allure of smoke intertwine. Pesticide-laden fruits hide dangers beneath their beauty, while smoke dances with fragility, leaving shadows in its wake. Each carries its own form of peril, a poignant reminder of the choices we make and their consequences.

In de fragiele balans van het leven vermengen zich de toxiciteit van bespoten oogsten en de aantrekkingskracht van rook. Bespoten fruit verbergt gevaren onder zijn schoonheid, terwijl rook danst met fragiliteit en schaduwen achterlaat. Elk draagt zijn eigen vorm van gevaar, een aangrijpende herinnering aan de keuzes die we maken en de gevolgen ervan.

What story resonates with you is a matter of personal interpretation. Art, much like music, has the power to adapt to individual perspectives and emotions. Each viewer can imagine multiple storylines and diverse paths leading to a long, happily ever after.

The young princess, tired of waiting, questioned the spell’s power. Her prince arrived, but their encounter was different than expected. Together, they explored the depths of their souls, forging a connection beyond fantasy. Expectations dissolved, revealing a profound and genuine bond.

what do you think happened?