wanderland 2021 - 20..

I always wondered what it is like to wander

a new way to a new world has been made. From 2021 Kaat will be working on subjects that have fascinated her all her life. A fairly complex story in which worlds intersect and in which every individual will find recognition.

This new world reminds me of the past, which is not surprising when you consider that the new world is much older than our present old world.

History is made every day. actually this world is not much different from ours and i doubt this world is really that parallel




La Bohème

When it gets too crowded inside, you can always walk through the familiar door to the peaceful garden outside. Here the flowers grow in their perfect beauty, birds chirp, bumblebees buzz along your cheeks to whisper in your ears. Even if you leave everything behind or even stay away for years, the garden will continue to grow and retain its beauty.

The gardens of Ina


The Colonist 

A Rising legend 

The mermaid mourns. Exploitation of her powers has led to the destruction of her homeland, Atlantis. After all this time, the mermaid resurfaced to warn us, but has soon come to understand that history is already repeating itself. Is it too late? Or can we still take her warning to heart?