A Rising Legend 5/8


editie 5/8

Fine art print op dibond

zwart houten baklijst

120 x 80 cm.

Dit werk is af te halen in de studio in Rotterdam of wordt aan huis bezorgd.

The mermaid mourns. Exploitation of her powers has led to the destruction of her homeland, Atlantis. After all this time, the mermaid resurfaced to warn us, but has soon come to understand that history is already repeating itself. Is it too late? Or can we still take her warning to heart?


APA Annual Photography Awards – honorable mention – “A RISING LEGEND” Mermaid

NEW YORK Photography Awards 2021 –Gold winner- “A RISING LEGEND” Mermaid

MUSE photography awards 2021 –platinum winner- A RISING LEGEND Mermaid


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