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In the past, queens were like the original ‘influencers,’ ruling with grace and authority in their kingdoms. They had their portraits painted by famous artists, and their images became iconic works of art.

But today, we have new leaders, the ‘social media queens,’ who don’t use swords, but selfies, to rule their kingdom. They use hashtags instead of scepters, and their followers are like their loyal followers, spread across the digital world.

While queens of the past inherited their position, these modern monarchs earn their status through ‘likes’ and ‘shares.’ They start trends, have an impact with every click, and create a unique form of connection in the online world.

Queens from the past spoke from their thrones; social media queens speak from their smartphones. But one thing stays the same: the power to inspire, connect, and lead, just with a modern twist.

So, whether it’s a crown or a camera, history tells us that there will always be leaders who capture the hearts of their followers, in any realm. Because in a world that’s always changing, influence remains the most valuable treasure for every true queen, both online and offline.”


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