Prestigieuze awards voor Nightingale

  1. PX3 Prijs Uit Parijs: Het prestigieuze PX3 (Prix de la Photographie Paris) is een bekende naam in de fotografie-industrie. De erkenning van dit gerenommeerde platform is een getuigenis van de buitengewone artistieke verdiensten van ons kunstwerk.

  2. London Photography Awards: Londen, een smeltkroes van cultuur en kunst, heeft ons kunstwerk bekroond met lof. De London Photography Awards erkennen creatieve excellentie en ons werk heeft de hoogste eer ontvangen.

  3. European Photography Awards: De European Photography Awards werpen een licht op uitzonderlijke talenten in de Europese fotografiewereld. Het feit dat ons kunstwerk is onderscheiden, is een bewijs van zijn universele aantrekkingskracht en expressieve kracht.

Press release European Photography awards 2023 

The International Awards Associate (IAA), in partnership with the European Photography Awards, proudly announces the results of the 2023 competition. This prestigious contest, open to photographers worldwide, honours the artists who capture the vibrant diversity and cultural heritage seen across the globe. 

This year, Kaat Stieber decidedly takes the European Gold on Still life photography within the awards. 


This season’s submissions have brilliantly showcased the pinnacle of global photographic artistry, reflecting a symphony of vision and technique,” declared Thomas Brandt, the spokesperson for IAA. “Evaluating and commending such exceptional works has been a rewarding challenge for our esteemed panel of jurors.”

Grand Jury Panel

The European Photography Awards maintains a gold standard when it comes to the selection of its jurors, upholding the contest’s high standard of integrity and prestige. Notable members include Donell Gumiran (United Arab Emirates), Benny Lau (Hong Kong S.A.R., China), Gigi Chung (United States), Dawid Galinski (Iceland), Alessandra Minotti (Italy), and Pinu Rahman (Bangladesh), to name a few, each contributing unique expertise and passion to the evaluation process.

“Presenting these awards is more than a recognition; it is a celebration of contemporary photographic excellence,” declared Thomas Brandt. “As the European Photography Awards builds its legacy, we envision a future where our honourees continually redefine and elevate the world of visual artistry.”

About European Photography Awards

The European Photography Awards is an international photography competition, that recognises exquisite and artistic content, honouring vast arrays of genres in the photographic medium, extending the reaches of photographical talents all across the globe.